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My Experience On NMN Two Years Later

My Experience On NMN Two Years Later

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Since I was 47 years old, I have been looking into ways to increase my NAD+ levels. I am now 49 and I can tell you it has really been one hell of a roller coaster.

NAD+ is short for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ is a co-enzyme that is essential for many metabolic processes in your body. When you are young you have high levels of NAD+, but as you age you get low levels of NAD+. You experience issues and illnesses that are often associated with aging when you have lower levels of NAD+.

This is why I started taking NMN, which stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. It's one of the building blocks of NAD+ and it helps restore your natural levels as well as increase them over time, which has long been known as an anti aging product. Now it's even more popular thanks to its ability to boost your energy without any jittery feeling like coffee or caffeine does.

I've been taking the recommended dose for about two years now and can tell a difference in how much energy I have at work and how good I feel overall compared to before starting this supplement regimen.

My blood work levels since using NMN supplements

I started using NMN through liposomal delivery in November 2020. At the time my NAD+ level was at 18.5, which is very low for my age. The recommended level was 50 to 60, and the optimal level is over 100. In August 2021, I did a total wash out and tested my NAD+ levels again, and the result was 24.8. My baseline level improved from 18.5 to 24.8 after 9 months of using low dosages of NMN.

I then increased my dosage (I took 2 capsules per day) for 2 months. I retested and my levels were 44 which is an incredible improvement compared to 18.5 when I started!

These results have been incredible but the change I've really experienced wasn't on the cellular level but on my body which has troubled me my entire life.

NMN's impacts on my overall health

First things first, I did a total change-up in terms of my diet and lifestyle right before and during the time I've taken NMN. I believe that to achieve the best results for myself that it had to be a holistic approach and really do away with what was ailing my health even without NMN.

Since starting this lifestyle change, the improvements really came little by little, and that it did take some time for me to see what was happening. It was quite gradual and subtle.

For some bit of context, I was struggling with a level of chronic fatigue and narcolepsy (a chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness) for years. Aside from these issues, I've had stomach problems, migraines, pain and inflammation, and some knee, hip, and foot problems throughout my adult life, pretty much everything you could think of.

I'm a very adventurous person, but I really felt imprisoned by my body so I've tried literally everything (that would fit my income, of course) to try and do something about my failing body.

In the two years of living a healthy lifestyle and supplementing it with NMN, I can confidently say that my physical well-being is now leaps and bounds compared to what it was before all these. I still have some pain issues here and there but it's nothing like back then when even functioning from day to day was a constant battle for me.

I'm really grateful for the improvements I've had these couple of years. So much of it, I would say, is related to diet. I've been on a low-carb, gluten- and dairy-free diet, along with the NMN supplement I've been taking to supplement where my body is lacking with this kind of diet.

The biggest change I've noticed since taking these supplements is my overall energy level. This has greatly improved my ability to function daily. I am now able to exercise more frequently with my higher endurance to keep my body in great shape. These improvements have led to better sleep for me as well since I am now able to gain and burn energy at the right amounts throughout the day.

Don't get me wrong, I do get some pains from time to time, and my previous ailments flare up when I least expect them. But what has really put NMN supplements over the top for me is the amount of time I need to recover from these flare ups. Before I've taken these and before I revamped my lifestyle, it took me months even just to feel a little normalcy from what I was experiencing. With the supplements I was taking, it took a couple of weeks tops (sometimes just days) for me to recover and get back on my feet again.

On top of everything, using NMN has also improved my sinus problems which often led to headaches and migraines which are pretty debilitating. I've noticed some changes around my nails and hair as well. They're growing a lot faster thicker, and stronger since I started using NMN supplements.


I hope my story has touched you in some way and that maybe you be more open to trying out supplements such as the Mui Elixir as a way to boost your body and overall health. These are, of course, my personal experience and I’m pretty sure that it’d be an entirely different experience for you. But in case I wasn't too clear enough, these supplements are called supplements for a reason. Diet and lifestyle are still the most important!


Lots of love.

Cassandra C.



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