Anti Aging Research made available from M.E to You. % of our revenue goes towards research for social media induced mental health issues

Meet Our Team

@xjonm- Founder

In an increasingly digitally connected world, the value and importance of curating a digital identity cannot be understated. At mui elixir we understand the benefits of curating a positive social image for individuals and businesses alike. However, having the privilege of speaking to some of the top level celebrities, influencers and digital creators in the social media space, where a positive image and outward appearence plays a vital role to success, we understand that many creators have societal pressures in maintaining their outward beauty and choose to seek damaging and risky ways to maintain their appearence such as plastic surgery, facelifts, fillers and botox. As such, at mui elixir we have created a product that can help supplement individuals in maintaining their natural beauty simply by optimizing their internal health and ecosystem and counteracting the affects of aging.